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Embrace JOMO in 2020!

Where better to enjoy JOMO than a luxury retreat in the Cairngorms?

FOMO Noun, informal. Fear of Missing Out - anxiety that an exciting or interesting event may be happening elsewhere, often aroused by posts seen on social media.

I'll be honest - it's never been much of a concern for those of us here in the Cairngorms. Life generally moves at a much slower, Highland pace which you soon get used to. And whilst no doubt there may be some very exciting events happening elsewhere, we tend to take pleasure in simple pursuits and the appreciation of our beautiful landscape and natural environment. You could almost say that we take joy from the knowledge that we are "missing out". Amazingly, it appears that we have been ahead of the trend, because the latest social phenomenon is exactly that, and a long-awaited antidote to the dreaded FOMO.

JOMO stands for the Joy of Missing Out. It means disconnecting from the always-on world of mobile technology and social media in particular, and enjoying your own company or that of your loved ones. It's re-discovering the pleasure of relaxing at home with a good book, a puzzle or a movie. It's going for a long walk with no particular destination or distance in mind, without worrying about uploading your speed and heart rate onto a fitness app.

That reliable barometer of the British character, the John Lewis Retail Report, even mentioned JOMO as a headline trend in its latest annual edition. Linen bedding sales are up 187%. Luxe loungewear sales up 129%. Board games? Skyrocketing (particularly Dobble and Bananagrams, if you were wondering.) It would seem that we are all "coorie-ing in", something we've been doing in the Highlands for centuries!

Of course if you REALLY want some adventure and excitement whilst staying in Aviemore and the Cairngorms, there's plenty to be had. From downhill mountain biking to zip-wiring to clay-shooting, it's all available on Rothiemurchus itself.

But if you're the sort who enjoys a quiet life, if you like to sit and watch the flicker of a log burner and the transit of dark starry skies above; if you delight at waking to the sound of birdsong in the morning, we have just the place.

Just don't tell your friends - after all, you wouldn't want them to feel they were missing out!